Monday, June 15, 2009

Off to Nova Rock festival 2009


My dears,
I am super happy and thrilled to have finally finished packing for leaving tommorow first thing in the morning for nova rock festival. It is already really really late but didn't wanted to leave without telling you why I won't be posting anything the following week. This is one of my favourite time during summer and I am always looking forward for it to come. I have also bought a lovely new tent and sleeping bag with the occasion and can't wait to try them out. AHhhhhhhhh I can't hardly wait...anyways it is so late and I am driving tommorow so, good night everybody and see you soon.



phantasnight said...

I've been wanting to go to Nova for a while now, but it seems I always end up choosing Sziget as the higher priority festival...:D...maybe next year...waiting 4 your feed-back on this year's experience:D

Andreea said...

have fuuuuuuuun! bring back cute& crazy pics. pupz