Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My style in Viva mag june 2009

In its june issue, Viva magazine has featured my style on a spread together with an interview and some lifestyle questions. As now the magazine is already on sale I can post the spread and some photos that they've made at my workshop with some of my favourites clothes at the moment. I am so happy the way it turned out...


Vintage Me New You said...

Lovely C,
such a great pleasure every time i hear from you!
I am even more pleased to find out that you like my site, i will be honored to have you as a member, you can promote yourself as a designer and your clothes!No doubt you are a great inspiration for all the fashion lovers out there!
I am so glad you appear in Viva this month, you did a great job!
We'll keep in touch,I am willing to open an online magazine on the site and I will be truly happy to tell people about your style and taste for fashion!

Joy and happy days:)

Amazing Style said...

congrats corina!! we are waiting for the next article in a famous magazine

The Fabulous Girl said...

i think this is my favorite article in viva usually. i love to get to know more of the personal side of people. too bad nobody from my family is there right now to get me the magazine. i enjoyed reading about your favorite stuff so much.
cant wait to meet u this summer. i'll email u close to that time and we can make plans. and i do speak romanian perfecly well....almost.

Alice in vintageland said...

Hello Corina! I love love love all your clothes, I could basically live in your closet! I always enjoy reading your answers, they are always smart and interesting (versus the constant bla bla I usually read)!I adore Great Expectations (both the book and the movie) and "Spuma zilelor":)