Monday, June 1, 2009


A light tan, a beautiful ovoidal crisp white dress with cutouts paired with jeans, a sequined jacket and ballerina flats- lazy summer evening.


The Fabulous Girl said...

i love the white dress with the cutouts. is that the back? i wonder how it looks on. u should wear it sometimes so we can all see how it looks on the body. i love the sequined jacket as well. but i have to tell u the hot pink jumper has been on my mind ever since u posted that photo. i keep imagining myself wearing it constantly. i think though hot pink would be too much for vancouver. people here tend to stick to neutrals. i cant see myself wearing to too many events that's the problem.

Corina Vladescu said...

Yes, that is the back of the dress but I sometimes wear it in front when I pair it with a nude tank top. I shall definetly post some photos of me with the piece. The pink jumper is very versatile and i don't think you should be worried about not having where to sport it. And if people are neutral you be the color. :)))