Thursday, May 28, 2009

Party season

This spring was definitely packed with events. First it was the Radisson SAS Bucharest lavish event held by Parliament. And this was insane, all guests, 300 as I was told, got invited to a 36 hours all inclusive stay at the hotel. This meant, spa, pool, meals and party. The hotel was full of people from all artistic fields and surprisingly that didn't mean stiffed at all. Everybody relaxed and had a blast as the party continued in the beautiful indoor garden until dawn. Well, for me and a couple of friends this meant leaving the hotel at 4 a.m for a little bit of headbanging at an underground rock disco and afterwards returning in one room for a burger from roomservice for which we had to wait for 2 hours. I am really proud to say that this huge event was organized by our beautiful campaign model Silvia Giurca who works for a major advertising agency in Bucharest and has done a great job taking care of each and every guest and making sure everything works perfect.
As for the gown, I decided to go for the long aquarelle silk dress from my S/S 08 collection and didn't put on any high heels ( that's why I look so tiny in the picture :) ), paired with a pair of strappy green jeweled flat sandals.

Last thursday was the Viva magazine party I've told you about which was held at the Diplomatic Club Bucharest and gathered most of showbizz and designers in a beautiful garden. We were served with chilled Cosmopolitans and tasty finger food followed by a mouthwatering mousse de chocolat with fresh fruits and socialized until midnight.
Ioana Mitu ( pictured with photographer Cornel Lazia ), journalist at The Financial Paper Bucharest chose to wear the red Carrie dress with a metal sequined padded shoulder blazer, both from my S/S 09 line and I wore the Blush dress in powdered pink also from the S/S 09 line.

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LZ said...

Super blog! Un pic cam multa engleza, dupa gustul meu; insa imi place; mai trec pe la tine!