Friday, November 7, 2008

my Muse: ROISIN

I have just attended Roisin's concert at Polivalenta Arena in Bucharest two days ago. It is the third time I see her this year and I am blown away by her perfomance and appearance. She is such an inspiration and she gives you a great artistic vibe. Moreover I got to meet her after the concert(she was so kind to meet up with some fans after a 2 hours performance and she is the sweetest person)and was able to tell her she is such an inspiration for my work. She is lovely and fun and all her band was so nice and approachable. It was such a reward for me to finally meet her.
I have some more fantastic news about this but want to make the post perfect so i shall tell everything with pictures on monday.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody...I am still floating.

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Kate Tran said...

I love Roisin Murphy!!! She is so impressive.