Monday, April 19, 2010

Corina Vladescu @ Oxford Fashion Week 2010

Second time now, our concept collection will be on OFW's catwalk.
The Concept Show is on Tuesday 4th May, 8 PM, at the prestigious Macdonald Randolph Hotel - Oxford, England.

More infos, here

Corina Vladescu outfit @ OFW 2009


Gia said...

I've been watching all your work these couple of months and I have to say, hands down!
You accomplished so much since I discovered you as a designer and I am really proud of you and all you managed to do:)
I wish you all the best and one thing is for sure, I am one of those people, who admire you, not only as designer, but also as a person!
Take care dear and fight for your dreams.


Anonymous said...

delighted to hear, well done x