Thursday, December 10, 2009

Map of Life SS2010 - creative concept

A few words about the Map of Life SS2010.
The collection started from Corina’s elaborated outlook on society today and the angst which grows in all of us: terrorism, health issues,economical crisis.
Observing the huge influence that fear has on people’s behaviour, whether of terrorist attacks or pandemic illness, Corina started to consider human beings would actually take it to the point of wearing their own healthy blood tests or x-rays on, in order to convince themselves and people around them that they are still healthy.
In a world intoxicated by media blowing out of proportions every news about diseases and generating phobia of being contaminated. Isolation is the next step and a new terrorism is born.
Starting from there, the collection traverses life, death, nature through the print of a human body x-rayed, organic cutouts and deconstructed silhouettes.
More news soon...

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