Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Showroom New perspectives

Hello my dearest so sorry I didn't make it to writing for some time now but I have a solid reason for that believe me. The thing is I've moved with my workshop and showroom to a friendlier neighbourhood near Herastrau park and for the last couple of weeks I've been in a frenzy of packing and unpacking and it has been killer. Moreover I had no internet connection until now so my reasons are stable enough.
So, as I was saying I've moved downtown in sector 1 at a lovely villa with a private little garden where there shall take place a lot of surprises in the near future.
The new address is 39, Herastrau Street Sector 1 Bucharest and you are all welcomed to a brand new shopping destination once everything is ready for you. There are still some things to solve and a garden to design so I shall invite you all at the official oppening soon enough.

Until then let it be fashion!


The Fabulous Girl said...

oh that is perfect corina. i live nearby across the street from herastrau. i cant wait to come by when i'm there.

the electric friend said...

si pt baieti nimic? :(

Amazing Style said...

sa-ti aduca multe bucurii