Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday at Cafepedia and party at Rokolectiv

Saturday was fair day again at Cafepedia caffe. The room was rather beautiful, light flooding from the huge windows. I made a rather chessy setting on purpose with lots of memorabilia from the 80's, each piece being something that appeared during that era, as the clothes I brought were all 80's inspired.
Everybody who came by wanted to buy either the pony ( Princess Twinkle by her name ) or the cutout punk gloves so I had to keep an extra eye on my valuable possessions not to ruin the kitchy setting.

Clothes wise I chose to bring two rails but with 10 pieces each, as I like stuff when it is more airy, the colors on one rail were ranging from Monetesque blues , to sheer skin delicious nudes, crisp whites, watercolored prints and moonwashed jeans. The other rail brought color to the ensemble with raspberry pink, coral and fuchsia mingled with black and white textures.
Lots of people, models and actors, fellow designers and a pleasant all in all athmosphere though I had some horrible unconfortable shoes that tortured me throughout the 8 hour fair.

After all the buzz I met up with some friends and we went ahead to party at Rokolectiv a electro visual festival held in Bucharest each year. The location is a really cool restored patrimony building in Bucharest known as The Ark the old Bucharest Commodities Exchange and home to a multitude of creative milieus. We had a blast and end up partying really hard until 6 a.m banging our heads in an alternative rock club afterwards.


The Fabulous Girl said...

seems like such a fun day.

i didnt there was Pretty Pony in romania during the 80's. I thought with communism and everything such things would not exist during those times...I never had one as a child.

abster said...

i love your jacket

Alice in vintageland said...

Corina, multumesc din suflet, you're the best and such a sweetheart! Am scris si eu un articol despre targ -, unde tu esti personajul central:). Sper ca te simti mai bine cu picioarele!Kisses