Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's talk about it...

On last Saturday as you probably know was Gaia Couture fair.
Unfortunatly for me,for a week now I've been held in bed wit fever and all that by a terrible flu that tortured me bit by bit. Fortunately enough, Ionut was pretty healthy and was able to successfuly replace me there otherwise I would have missed it for sure. In the meanwhile I was at home, bitting my nails and bored to death, swallowing antibiotics, soups, sirups, hot teas, pills and other magnificent and oh so fashionable stuff.As I am the total opposite of someone who enjoys some time off, me being always energetic and up to anything it was quite torturiong to spend 1 weeek in bed. The fun part is that now I've developed of small, crowded places full of people and whenever I hear a sneeze around fell the urge to run 100km away.
Anyways enough with me complaining about my flu, just wanted to keep u posted. Hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying the first buds of spring.
From what I heard from Ionut's stories the fair was nice and the setting that I've imagined I happily hear was appreciated.
If some of you were down there also don't abstain and write us your impression an the whole fair as I am so curious to hear more.

Have a super super day,

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