Thursday, March 5, 2009

Corina's advert in VIVA magazine (March 2009 issue)

Our dear friend Miruna Micsan from the VIVA magazine had a wonderful ideea: in both February and March issues of the magazine, fashion designers from Romania were supposed to advert themselfs on a full page.
Featuring in the February issue were: Razvan Ciobanu, Adrian Oianu, Irina Marinescu, Carmen Secareanu, Kristina Dragomir and Cristian Samfira.
Featuring in the March issue were: Me-myself-and I, Oana Manolescu, Ami Lungu, Stephan Pelger, Wilhelmina Arz, Lena Criveanu and Rozalb de Mura.
Here are some photos from my ad shooting made by Cornel Lazia for VIVA magazine.
The "maid" is Ioana Mitu, who wasn't angry to play the role because she is such a beautiful person and friend.

And here we have the magazine layout

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
P.S.: The quotation on the left side of the picture is from Chris Simion - director of "Calatoria - Pescarusul Jonathan Livingstone" play, which words are very inspirational for me. Sadly, the magazine forget to put her name under the quote.


M. said...

Super fotografiile!!Congrats!!!Si felicitari Biancai pentru machiaj!Excelent redat!

alice in vintageland said...

Corina, arati senzational, fotografiile sunt superbe, imi plac foarte mult penele din parul tau si rochia (pe care o recunosc ca fiind una dintre rochiile de mireasa create de tine), Marie Antoinette has nothing on you:)

Diana said...

wow :) sunt superbe pozele!

Vintage Me New You said...

vai,ce frumos:)pacat k nu sunt in tara sa cumpar revista!
esti foarte frumoasa,superb editorialul:)
be happy dear!

dan00tza | Daniela Sarchizian said...

voi prelua poza!!! soooper!