Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making of s/s 09 catalogue

I am very proud to present you in avanpremiere the making of our s/s 09 catalogue. A small preview of what's yet to come in February when the collection will be on sale on the blog and @ selected stores.
As all the crew is friends with each other, the athmosphere was electric and we had a huge fun, dancing around on the catchy music chosen by Sharky(the lights empowered and photographer's assistant)whose selection covered our most demanding tastes.
Gossiping, sipping coffees, laughing and trying out new make-ups from Bianca's ( B.Boeroiu- the make up artist) huge bag and asking for hairstyle tips from Mihaela ( M. Anghel- the hairstylist), listening to fabulous travelling experiences from our gourgeous, smart and fun model Silvia Giurca while getting some well founded remarks from Cornel ( C.Lazia- our dear friend photographer) who wanted us to stop acting silly and concentrate ( ;DDD- like we could stop laughing)...
Like posh people as we are we had such a posh meal- meals from mighty Mc Donalds- Mc Caviar, Mc Kir Royal, Mc Moet etc...
Overall though we've soacked our t-shirts out and worked some good 12 hours continuously we just didn't feel the passing of time as we had a blast...
Looking forward for a/w 09-10 everyone?

Lovely making of photos are a courtesy of photographer Claudia Iatan, who had paid us a visit to wach talented mr Lazia in action.



alice in vintageland said...

Me! Me! Looks very clean and polished...and fabulous! I hardly wait to see it!:)

dr_denizzz said...

pe cand si pe unde il gasim/ vedem?