Monday, January 26, 2009

Gaia Boutique display

Hello dear friends, after a tiring weekend I am putting myself together and am anxious to show you the s/s 09 items which were on show at Gaia Boutique club for two weeks in a row @ the Trashique theme and the Under Construction theme.
Have a look for yourselves and tell me what you think about the few items I have pictured.
Have a fabulous week, I started mine in this rainy day in Bucharest driving to the workshop on the King's of Leon latest album Only by The Night which was such a wonderful, dreamy start...


dr_denizzz said...

f tari hainele, m-am saturat sa ma tor repet!!:)) esti f faina.
poate ne pove cine iti este muza, cine te inspira, in ce cataloage te uiti:)cum iti alegi hainele si tot ce mai vrei:) said...

I am so crazy for the outfits, and photo's you post. I am very much enjoying your blog. Stay true beautiful.

peace and love