Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elle Mariaj Fair 09

Back as promised with some pictures from my stand at the Elle fair.
The overall impression of the fair is not necessarily a good one ( some of you might have read that beside designers there were some nightmareish gowns all covered in shiny stones) but I think that instead of commenting badly about the fair we should appreciate the organiser's ideea of inviting designers who do not make mass production wedding gowns, to express their vision of a bride.Moreover in my oppinion all the designers present at the fair had some radicaly different dresses than what one is used to find everywhere in Bucharest e.g CORSET + CRINOLINE !!! So outdated !
It doesn't matter that the regular customer was still fascinated by the horror dresses we find on lipscani, unirea etc, bad tasting, ugly fabrics lots of stones type of dresses, the point is we the designers were able to point out a different approach, and I believe that if people will see more of that they will begin to finally appreciate.
We cannot blame the organisers for mixing bad taste wedding ideeas with designers in a country where kitsch sells the best, they were trying to make profit, but we can appreciate that instead of having only that type of retailers( like others marriage fairs) they took a chance on designers.

Reporting sincerely from the Elle Fair,


Alice in vintageland said...

Imi plac foarte mult rochiile de mireasa create de tine pentru targ: daca as fi fost in cautarea unei astfel de rochii mi-ar fi fost foarte greu sa aleg intre cea cu multe detalii de trandafiri si cea cu fusta-trena dusty pink!:)
As always - great job! said...

Everything is within the pictures as though it is a dream. Very whimsical, very beautiful. I thank you for posting these. I love them. Nice blog you have. Great musings, and finds! talk to you.

peace and love

mireasa disperata said...

Eu n-am fost la targ tocmai fiindca ma asteptam sa gasesc doar kitschosenii si mi s-a aplecat de la atata sclipici. Daca stiam ca mai e si altceva... Pai si cum se pot gasi/proba/cumpara rochiile tale? Ca tare frumoase sunt!

Corina Vladescu said...

Raspuns pentru mireasa disperata :)
Multumesc mult pentru aprecieri, ma bucur ca ti-au placut rochiile. Toata linia luxury, inclusiv rochiile de mireasa le gasesti si le poti proba la mine la showroom - str.Zece Mese nr.22.
Acolo am si atelierul, asa ca putem lua masuri si modifica pe loc daca este nevoie.
Te astept oricand in timpul saptamanii intre 10:00 si 17:00, dar cel mai bine ar fi sa imi dai un telefon sa stabilim o intalnire, nr. meu este 0722.373.464