Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching up on lost time

Well Hello 2009! And hello everybody!
I know it has been such a long time since my last posting but believe me that where i've spent my holiday they had no wireless!!!I know- crazy!
Well, because I've received many emails from you( THANK YOU THANK YOU ) asking me what have i been up to lately and what have i wore with the holiday occasions...
I've posted some photos with the latest parties I've attended, the ones I've enjoyed the most biensur.

1.The first picture is from a party at Gaia Club which was so much fun- I must say that I haven't danced like that for some time. The dress code was Funeral chic, therefore my all black outfit which I thought about giving it a twist with the white pigeon. Hope you like it..
2.The second picture is from the launching of Esquire magazine in Romania@ Fratelli club- the pary was a bore and most guests were the usual crowd from this kind of night clubs: over tanned plumped lipped bimbos who scan everybody never smiling and scary nouveau riches who look like bodyguards who accompanied them.Thank God I was with some dearest friends of mine who made the night!
I was wearing a tan draped dress from my s/s 09 line and tattoo slevees which I so looovvee.
3,4,5,6. These pictures are from the Christmas Party we had at our friend K.Dragomir's showroom together with some friends.The party was relaxed and funny and I had a wonderful time dancing to Billy Idol and other 80's tunes which i adore. As you can see I chose to wear an item from my season special collection. That is definetly one of my personal favourites...

...As from the latest ...I've spent winter holidays snowboarding in Austria- I have got some quite shocking stories to tell you but shall do that this week( promise) as I've lost my phone cable and i am not able to descard some pictures together with it. But...Not to worry as soon as I get one I shall start writing everything.

Until then i wish everybody a marvelous, stylish new year and thank you for your support and appreciation,


Sohodoll said...

Am vazut prima poza intr-o revista,dar nu mai stiu exact in care...cred ca Elle parca:D mi-a placut si de Irina Marinescu cum a fost imbracata.iar tu, o aparitie ca de obicei:) xoxo,sohodoll

vizitiu greta said...

esti o adevarata aparitie:)
foarte tare costumatia poza 2...preferata

Vintage Me New You said...

Girl, you're way too cool:)Happy stylish year to you as well!
Esti super cute si cred k avem un clutch H&M, u black, I purple;))
Good taste in anything:)Have fun and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Ce Carrie Bradshaw-ish e ultima rochita! Fain! :P
Poate treci diseara prin Otherside!


fatacarevedetot said...

La multi ani!
Ti-am vazut si eu prima poza si mai multe cu tine in revista, ma bucur ca apari tu, de la tine avem ce invata!

P.s. : Hainele tale par vise devenite realitate!

alice in vinatgeland said...

Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? Arati super bine in toate tinutele, dar favorita mea este cea de la Christmas Party:)

Sina said...

Great Pics!I like them!
Come and visit my Blog:)