Friday, December 5, 2008

Partying in style @ Ponystep sunday the 29 th of December

I'm late I'm late for a very important date...and here we are at famous decadent Ponystep parties after a hectic wandering around London day- obviously all pampered and ready to enjoy the show. Because, for those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, just sitting in a corner @ Ponystep can turn out to be an eye rewarding experience.
To clear things a little bit...Ponystep aka ex. Boombox same stuff different name is a name under which take place a series of secret( kind of )parties held in the fancy district of Shoreditch. Once you find it, getting in is quite a challenge as the doorpicker is quite pretentious. But do give it a try as it is truly worth your while.
The crowd is uber cool, ranging from designers( I spotted Gareth Pugh standing near me ), to supermodels of the likes of Agyness Deyn and other socialtees but olso fashion addicted ordinary people with a taste for extravagance.
Marios Schwab was supposed to be taking over the decks that night but some "technical difficulties" deprived us from what announced to be an explosive show.
Nevertheless the party was fun,but in a people watching way fun 'cause that's what everybody did actually. Quite an experience, though I actually prefer a less self controled and excesive trying party.
If any of you were there please share us your experience and your impressions.


Deea said...

oh oh...i envy u so much my dear. u loooook faboulous with the delicious-eye catching-one of a kind head piece (by kristina d, i presume) :)) pupz

catalinium said...

dear darling neghinitza al tau lipsea din context :-)

Corina Vladescu said...

Yap, mrs.kristina dragomir was the one...And next time we'll go together (corina+deea+catalin)!