Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Map of Life SS2010 fashion show - Official photos

Map of Life SS2010 collection was presented on the 15th of December in Gaia Boutique Club, during a huge snow storm which unleashed itself throughout the day :(.
The entire city was blocked, causing an 1 hour delay of the show, but the invitees had the kindness and patience to confront the terrible weather and make it. Patience because in order to catch a taxi you could have been waiting for more than 2hours and by own car the traffic was pure nightmare... so I wish to thank everyone who was there.
As I stood mainly backstage in an adrenaline rush that made 12 hours pass like one, I cannot tell much of the show, but I shall be posting the video soon so you see for yourselves.
I can say though that when the lights went out and I was announced that we'll start in less than 1min, I had one of the biggest thrills ever... then the impressive visuals created by fellow friend and former art university collegue SuprGiuser... then the guitar riff by The MOOod... I got the goosepumps all over.
The frenzy began and I just rememeber when i had to do the final walk.
Lights on!


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Ale said...

Congratulations! the photos look amazing. *anxiously waiting for the video*

Don't you give any credits? Hair, Make-up, Shoes, Photos. Although I'll admit, i am mainly interested in the shoes.

Anonymous said...

omg! cea mai buna colectie pe care am vazut-o vreodata la noi !! :O
arata demential
merci de invitatia de a ma prezenta personal la showroom in cazul in care vreau sa cumpar ceva
soon I will :)